Choosing a Gift

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special days etc. etc. One thing all of these have in common is the call for gifts. So how do you choose a gift?

Are you like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in this matter? Do you try to gift people stuff that is closest to the amount they spent for you? Or are you like Penny from the same show? Do you just go for whatever you come across, keeping in mind the other person?

In this post, I intend to cover only the scenario where one really cares for the person they are gifting to. In there,Β there are basically two kinds of people when it comes to choosing gifts. The first buy what they really like or love. It is the sort of thing that they themselves will want to use. So they take it for granted that the receiver will LOVE it. If so, well and good. If not, hell breaks loose. “Seriously, how could you not like it? How??” they plead. The next time someone receives a gift from them, they never let them know how they actually feel about it. Chances are that they have gotten into a habit of passing ahead whatever they receive from them. Think how heart-broken they will be if they ever get to know!

The second category of gift-buyers include people like yours truly. They might not at all like, at times even hate, what they are spending money on. But they do so because they know the receiver will like them. After all, they expect the same when it’s their turn to receive!

So kindly spare your loved ones the drama. Life is anyway full of it. Let the act of receiving gifts be easier than picking them. The aim of a gift is to put a smile on the other person’s face. Let’s just try for whatever makes that happen. Happy gifting!

9 thoughts on “Choosing a Gift

  1. Oh mia, I would like to share you about the gifts I received. Two years back I was in my frst job’s training session. It was for like two months and people were from all over the country. We were divided in groups and they were all such wonderful people and then time just runs right? At farewell day, a girl gifted us all with a keychain. It was not about the gift itslef. We had just talked only for few weeks but she took her time to buy these keychains and wrap it in a beautiful envelope with our nick names written on it. I valued the time she gifted us. Yup that’s the best gift you could give someone. The honest care. I thanked her so much and I still try to remember that gesture..
    oh and yes that minion keychain is still with me πŸ™‚

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    1. One of the most recent heart-warming gifts I received was a completely self-made bookmark from a colleague who was leaving. She pinned it near my office computer such that when I arrived in the morning, it would be the first thing I see. My first day without her…

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