The Real Hero

A hero is not born
From the laurels of glory,
But from the memories
Of those who witnessed the act.

A hero need not have succeeded.
They could have utterly failed.
But their intent must have touched
Those who saw them struggle.

A hero need not have reaped
Any of the fruits of their labour.
But they must have left behind
Something for someone else.

A hero is not born
In tabloids or in public.
They are born in the hearts
Of them who they inspire forever.

Your real hero is not
Someone you admire from afar.
It is someone close
Whose journey you have lived to see.

15 thoughts on “The Real Hero

  1. Brilliantly put and Bold words that needs to be inculcated in every individual minds in growing phase. With all the media clusters we might choose the wrong heroes. Choose the right one, your life becomes interesting rather than mindless impostures.

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