It is said that lightening never strikes (the same place) twice. Is it so? Oh come on! Haven’t there been unusual instances of things that you never thought or even wished would happen again but there they were? The second time, sort of in your face! Because that is how life works!!

Lightening, or for that matter anything, can strike twice. Or even thrice or more. So be prepared. When it happens, the last thing you want to be is so shocked and crying foul that you don’t really do much to stop it from wreaking havoc.

Life is unfair. Whosoever told you otherwise was lying to your face. It hardly likes to play the good, old kindergarten version of catching the ball. It’s gonna play rough. Think of the roughest game of football in the rain and mud that you ever saw or played. Multiply its intensity by ten. That is the game of life. And lightening.

I won’t say, play safe. I would rather say, play hard. Kick that ball as far and high as you can! Your competitor is no faint-heart. So you rather not be one too.

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