V-Day Run-up: 2. Rachel and Ross

He yearned for nothing more than her attention in high school.
She yearned for everything but him.
He got ready to take her to the prom when her date didn’t arrive.
Unaware, she rushed out the moment her date arrived an hour late.
He was left heart-broken when his first wife left him.
She left a man at the alter when she realized she didn’t love him.
He was once again in love with her when their paths crossed.
She was once again blissfully ignorant, treating him as just a friend.
He finally decided to move on.
She finally fell for him.
He dumped everything for her.
She decided mid-way that she wanted a break.
He slept with someone else, heart-broken.
She came back only to get to know of it and be heart-broken.
He married another woman but ended up taking her name at the alter.
She asked him to give his wife whatever she wanted, even if it meant never seeing her again.
He chose her, yet again, ending his second marriage.
She wound up having his child a few years later.
He refused to propose to her, not wanting to risk whatever they just had left.
She decided to take up a job in another country.
He did everything in his power to keep her from going, only to eventually let her go.
Nevertheless, she returned, this time forever.
He was Ross.
She was Rachel.

He’s her lobster!

— Phoebe Buffay in Friends

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