V-Day Run-up: 5. Fatmagul and Kerim

She was the rape-victim.
He was one of the accused.
How could they ever have a story?
But, they did.

She was devoid of trust.
He was pleading his innocence.
How could they ever fall in love?
But, they did.

She had lost all hope.
He had lost his dreams.
How could they have a future?
But, they did.

Because before love come other stages
Of understanding, respect and trust.
How could they make it through all?
But, they did.

For if only love was enough,
Her heart had belonged to another.
How could it become Kerim’s?
But, it did.

He became her strength
To help her win justice.
How could they win that battle?
But, they did.

She said, “I love you.” It was a miracle… But believe me, before when she said, “I trust you,” that was more valuable than anything.

— Kerim Ilgaz in Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne

I wish I had met him years earlier. Everything would have been so different.

— Fatmagul Ilgaz in Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne 


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