We Give What We Have

I’m sure you must have noticed that some people are mostly exuding positive vibes while some are so not. The former are a joy to come across while the latter are dreaded. Why is this? Why do some only give away frowns and not smiles?

The answer is that is all they’ve got to give.

I’ll give you an analogy. If you’ve been given flowers in a basket, then of someone comes along and pleases you, you will take out a flower to give them. But if you’ve been given a basket of thorns, then even if someone asks you for a flower, where will you give it from? You’ve got thorns and that is what you will offer.

My Mom always says one thing. No matter how rich or poor we are, we can all afford to say a kind word or two. But I think, even for that, we will all pick and choose from our own baskets.

So the next time, you are about to say or do something that you know will hurt someone, stop. That one line or action will show them quite a bit about what you’ve got. Now, do you want to be known as someone loved by none?

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