So, Anything?

Recently, a question was thrown open to WordPress bloggers as to what they would do if anything was possible. It got such an overwhelming response that a few days later, it was asked again. Even I had put out my views in the form of my post A World Free of Guilt

But now when I think back, another perspective appears. It is so easy to say we would do such and such, when we “know” or take it for granted that such an opportunity might never actually show up. In the scenario when we have nothing more to lose, no one to please and can really, really do anything, believe me, it scares the shit out of people!

Dreaming is one thing. Doing is another. It takes a lot of courage to take that first step and venture into the world of anything. It is scary because it has never been ventured into. Also, if we are free to do anything, expect anything to happen as the response from any direction! After all, there are no free things in life…

The truth is everyone of us is fully aware of it. The truth is that never were we completely bound not to do what we wanted to. Yet we procrastinated it. Why? Because we were scared. We were scared of the unknown. We were scared of anything.

So believe me when I say that yes, anything is possible. It will surely be scary as hell. But it will be oh-so-liberating! So stop making excuses. Just do it!

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