We all hate that word. It makes us feel so bad about ourselves. Worse, it makes us question the very intention of why we started out. We all hate rejection. But there it is. In our face. Most of the time. From people we love to things we love to even the smallest, silliest of [...]

We Give What We Have

I'm sure you must have noticed that some people are mostly exuding positive vibes while some are so not. The former are a joy to come across while the latter are dreaded. Why is this? Why do some only give away frowns and not smiles? The answer is that is all they've got to give. [...]

V-Day Run-up: 6. Monica and Chandler

Knew each other forever, Yet it never occurred to them That what they were crazily looking for In every twist and turn Was just across the hall. Maybe, it was the over-familiarity That stopped the other From seeming dreamy exotic. But at times, reality Is sweeter than a thousand dreams. He was her friend Who [...]

V-Day Run-up: 4. Meredith and Derek

They may not be Together any more. But hardly any couple Makes it to forever after. At least what finally Had the power to separate them Was nothing short of death, Even though a part of her died with him. For the time they had, They weaved together a saga Of romance, heartache and drama, [...]