Do you know why we feel embarrassed? It’s because we weigh someone else’s opinion more than our own. We acknowledge that they know it better than us. We submit to them. Should we?

I spent a large part of my life worrying about what others think of me. Maybe they did think those very things I was afraid of. Maybe they did not. Yet I worried. Where did it lead me? To a constant state of self-examination and critique. Was it worth it? Hell, no!

I was embarrassed. I was unhappy. Did anyone else care? I would never know.

So seriously, give yourself a break! You deserve it. When I finally understood that no matter what I did, I could never please everyone all the time, I stopped caring. That is when I stopped getting embarrassed easily.

Trust me, even if someone intentionally wants to humiliate you, if you don’t give a damn, that is what gets them the most. It shakes them to their core. So the small things can easily pass.

Stop worrying too much. It is not worth it. Stop getting embarrassed at the drop of a hat. Not worth it. Just be yourself. That is why you were created the way you are and the person next to you a different way, so that there could be variety in this world. So just be.

I wrote a poem on the same topic sometime back. It’s called Perfect , because that is what each of us are!

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