Would You Bet on Yourself?

We often complain that others, especially those we are close to, are not supportive enough for us. At times, we are plain mad about it. At other times, we are too hurt to say anything. But that is how “others” will always be! Either too busy or too difficult or too indifferent and so on. But what about you?

Would you bet on yourself? Would you be willing to stand up straight in front of the entire world to declare loud and clear what you believe in? Would you keep believing in yourself even when everyone else thinks you have lost your mind?

Only if your answer to all of the above three questions is “yes,” are you eligible to even expect the smallest support from those around you. For if you yourself are not fully invested in what you want and are not confident enough, no one else will care!

So start by taking pride in who you are. Start betting on yourself. Believe and you will strike gold!

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