Why Just One Day for Women?

Fine, birthdays and anniversaries I get. They mark another full year of an event. But how does one mark a woman’s never-ending ordeals, passions and sacrifices? By a day??

Isn’t it a bit like being unfair to someone through the year and then going and wishing them on their birthday? For oh, how grateful you are for their existance! If you value someone, you make each day count for them. You try to make them happy as many days as you can. The day, date and year never really matter.

Yes, I am a feminist. I believe in equal opportunities and freedom of choice to women just like men. I am absolutely against the shaming of women who demand these. Which is precisely why I know that one day is not enough. Every day is needed to help women achieve the above mentioned basic rights.

Given below are links to some of my previous posts which are centred around women. For as a writer, I celebrate women on not just one day but throughout the year. I hope you agree with me.

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