Lucky Charm

“Doctor, your husband is here,” informed the peon.

“What? Why is he?” Erica asked aloud, visibly surprised. She immediately glanced at her watch and thought, “His interview is in an hour. Why is he not on his way? Did he forget something with me? But what?” Meanwhile, her legs had automatically started moving out of her room.

The walk to the reception of the hospital from Erica’s room was hardly of two minutes but she still dialled up her husband on her cell phone. He didn’t pick up and that made her sort of mad.

“What could be so important that he showed up here himself? So why not pick up the call??” she mused, really worried by the time she reached the waiting area.

There he stood, smiling that smug smile that she had seen a million times by then in their nine years old marriage. It assured her that there was nothing to be worried about. So one question down, she went to shoot the rest.

“Why here so suddenly? Why weren’t you answering my calls? Aren’t you getting late for your interview? I know how much you want this job! You should be on your way. Why stop by here?” Erica bombarded Shaun.

“Shhh, Erica,” he said, holding her by the arms. “You have supported me more than anyone else in the world. Even more than I supported myself! This interview can actually be a turning point in my life and I didn’t want to go for it without seeing you. You are my lucky charm! Your shift won’t be over before another two hours, so I dropped by,” Shaun concluded.

“But I already wished you. I left a text,” said Erica.

“Honey, you know it’s not the same as when you wish me face to face. So, go on. Quickly,” said Shaun with that old smug smile.

“All the very, very best! I know you will make it!” whispered his wife in a slightly choked voice and sealed the wish with a kiss on his cheek.

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