If You Could Save One Thing

If there was a fire or earthquake or some other calamity around you and you had time to save just one thing, what would it be? What would you grab and run out to safety? What is that one thing that would be worth fighting for, when every second counts?

I know it sounds a little dramatic. There could always be time for more than one. You could be well-prepared in advance for any kind of disaster. But still… Ask yourself.

I am sure each of us will have an answer. There is quite some chance that the answer that comes to mind without much thinking will stump us. It could not be the sanest thing. It could not be what we always thought it would be. But it should be an honest reply.

That one thing is actually all you really need. Everything else will come and go, can be replaced and even lived without. So cherish it each day. It is all that matters.

Go on and give this a thought. I would be glad to know what is it for you.

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