Spiteful Motivation

What keeps you going? What pushes you when you are on the brink of giving up? What is your motivation?

Difficult as I may find to admit it, a lot of times, spite has been a motivating factor for me. Do you know one of those times when someone says something to make you feel bad and you take it upon yourself to prove them wrong? Well, I have been there quite a bit! But I guess, it’s okay. As long as it pushes one in the right direction, there’s no harm.

It is said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. At times, nothing works better than a good bolt to the ego. For more often than not, we all succumb to the nonchalance of everyday. We get used to the monotony. We get so comfortable that in spite of knowing that we can do better, we don’t make any change. But when someone bursts our bubble, we get all hassled and can’t rest till we have shut them up — with our actions, with some concrete results.

Yes, a lot of spite is obviously not good. It is basically a negative emotion. But not all good things come from positive starts. Once we set on the journey, we will ultimately find our path.

So don’t worry. As long as you have motivation of some kind, you are all good — even if it comes from spite. It is better to have something than nothing at all!

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