We’re All Fools Here

I’m sure there would be many of you who might think that you are extremely sensible or intelligent. I want to burst that bubble! The truth is that we are all fools for something or the other. All of us! Now shed that air of Sheldon Cooper and read to identify yourself in at least one or, like me, many of the following categories.

  • Fools for adventure
  • Fools for beauty
  • Fools for fame
  • Fools for food
  • Fools for happiness
  • Fools for lust
  • Fools for money
  • Fools for passion of life
  • Fools for work
  • Fools for no particular reason

Finally, the category that spins its spell on everyone at one time or the other, in the form of their partner, children and especially, grandchildren:

  • Fools for love

Yes, foolishness hurts. But it’s better to be foolish and live than being too careful and not live at all. With that thought, here’s wishing all my fellow fools a happy Fool’s Day! Have fun!

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