Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

Called the Bastard of Winterfell,
Given no claim
On lands or other property
Or a mother’s love,
Jon Snow grew.

Called a watcher on the Wall,
Spit on by most
Of his own comrades
As well as the free folk,
Jon Snow grew.

Called the Lord Commander
Of the very Night’s Watch
For which he fought,
By which he was murdered,
Jon Snow grew.

Called the King in the North,
As the hope to lead them
In the war against the dead,
In the war for life,
Jon Snow grew.

A man good to the very core, without a hint of evil is Jon Snow. When he had died, the outcry of the fans brought him back from the dead — something that seldom happens in pop culture and never in Game of Thrones. That is proof enough of how much this character is loved.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

  1. Ohhhh I love Jon Snow! I always wished he would end up the ultimate ruler. Love your poem! ⭐️💫⭐️💫⭐️💫

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