Utter nonsense uttered,
With no head or tail.
Yet you expect me
To humour you.
Are you kidding me?

You know it’s stupid.
You know you’re being stupid.
Yet you want me
To flatter you.
Are you kidding me?

Especially when time is scarce,
Especially when patience is done with,
Yet you try pushing me
To feed your ego.
Are you kidding me?

Maybe, you are used to it.
Maybe, it makes you happy.
Maybe, it is no big deal.
Yet every time, I think,
Are you kidding me?

Do you know one of those situations when someone keeps getting on your nerves, almost always? It could be your boss, partner, in-laws or even your own kid. It is so, so, so frustrating!!!

I try not to pour out my negativity into my posts. But come on! The bad and the good both come together to make us who we are, what we write. So bear with me.

2 thoughts on “Flattering

  1. I feel this way about a lot of my writing. I try to turn my hurt into beauty expressed through poems. All we can do is hope others see the wonder in what we create. Sorry, rambling. Thanks for this post, spot on for me :)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Firstly, the pleasure is all mine, Doree! I’m glad that something I wrote could connect with you. πŸ™‚
      Secondly, don’t be sorry because you are not rambling. This is the kind of honest input that I love!
      Thirdly, our writing is a piece of us. So irrespective of what, we should be proud of it. I’m happy that you see it that way too. πŸ€—

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