Have Patience

Trust me, no one can know better than me how extremely exhausting it can be to wait. And wait. And wait. It not only drains one out of positivity but also starts piling up within a person the humongous feeling of failure. It eats away at the person’s real personality and leaves in its place their shadow. In some cases, it pushes one to gallows of depression.

Still, I say, have patience. Stick at what you want. Stick at it so hard that nothing can move you. Let the waves come. But you don’t move. Let the earth shake. But you don’t move. Let everything go against you. But darling, just don’t move.

Because it’s worth it. Remind yourself of the reason why you stepped into these deep waters. Remind yourself of your dream.

This comes from the heart of one struggling author to the hearts of many with their own kind of struggles. Have patience, dear. It will all work out in the end.

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