Long Dress, Short Dress

Long dress, short dress, Such a fuss about the length! So much that one is judged by it, One is labelled by it. Wear a short dress And it's a "call for attention," As interpreted by they who love to gawk Or they who can't themselves carry it off. Wear a long dress And transcend [...]

Someone’s Santa Claus

No long beard or beer belly, Still you can be someone's Santa Claus. Still, you can make someone smile. No umpteen number of gifts, Still you can thrill someone. Still, you can make someone's day. No hearty ho-ho-ho laughter, Still you can warm someone's heart. Still, you can awake the child in someone. No place [...]

Final Game of Thrones Theory

With the final Game of Thrones episode a few hours away, I present my final related theory. Don't worry -- it's a happy ending, more or less. 1.   Tyrion's Betrayal No matter how much I have loved Tyrion from the beginning, it's hard to ignore certain things. Especially, when you re-watch the series. I think, [...]