If you saw the latest episode of Game of Thrones, you know what I mean. I hated everything that happened to Dany. Now I don’t care even about Tyrion. She hardly has anything left.

For me, the best moment was when Missandei chose her last word wisely (so like her). She could have said, “I love u” to Grey Worm or “Valar Morghulis” but she was a true friend to the very end. Remember once when Dany had grown suspicious of the advise her “advisors” were giving her, she asked Missandei for advice. First, Missandei refused saying she didn’t have any experience of advising. But then said, “I have seen you listen to your advisors anf I’ve seen you ignore them when you thought a better alternative was available.”
This was her last advice to Dany that she badly needed. “Dracarys!”

Everyone around Dany keeps saying, do nothing, even if your child dies, even if you lose ur army, even if you are brought back to square one. And now they plan to kill her.

I think she should have roared, “Dracarys” the moment Rhaegal fell. But she controlled herself, thanks to the great advice she is getting.

Think of it, anyone who gave her authentic advice ever would have said exactly what Missandei said.

All rulers are butchers or meat.

— Daario Niharis

Dragons and not armies will help you win the iron throne.

— Jorah Mormont

All these clever men like your hand are sheep. Are you a sheep? You are a dragon. Be a dragon!

— Lady Ollena

Also I think, Petyr Baelish had more decency to accept who he really served than Varys. Baelish did confess to Sansa that he wanted the throne. Varys knows that no one will let him sit on it so he makes sure that he keeps replacing people at the drop of a hat. There wasn’t much difference between the two from the start, for don’t you remember how they both used to stand in the throne room, looking at the throne. Yes one difference though, of what’s down under.

Finally, he did accept that he didn’t think a woman was fit to sit on the throne, “because what’s down under matters!”

Just wait and watch, Varys. For Daenerys will prove very soon what is it that actually matters. And then, you’ll have nowhere to hide! “Dracarys!”

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