It’s Raining Shit

You toil and toil,
Hoping it will make a difference.
But when you look around,
You see nothing but shit.

Shit so deep
That it reaches to your knees.
Shit so stinky
That it makes you want to puke.

It only keeps piling up.
It only keeps bogging you down.
It only makes you feel less
Than you already do about yourself.

So is this it?
Is this shit your destiny?
Should you surrender to it?
Or should you kick it sky-high?

This shit was not your dream.
It so really wasn’t!
So why let it make you
Do or feel what you are not?

Kick it right back
At the ones who shove it at you.
Kick it right away
Before it adds to your pile.

Yes, it’s raining shit,
Left, right and center.
But it won’t drown you.
No, you won’t let it!

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