Mom – the Touchy Topic

I guess, the reason I immediately start crying knowing about someone’s loss of their mother is because I love mine.

It’s not that we don’t fight. We do. All girls fight with their mothers. It’s two women, completely out at their worst, keeping no facades. No sweet words to sugar-coat the bitter truths. So it can get really, really bitter. If anyone else hears how it goes, they could swear nothing is going to be the same between these two people ever, ever again. But it does. Every single time.

“Because we are mother and daughter. That’s how it works,” says Mom.

I want to say the same words to my daughter someday.

Happy Mother’s Day.

11 thoughts on “Mom – the Touchy Topic

  1. Wow, this is beautiful. I am having a very hard time when my mother being in the hospital right now and may be transferred today or tomorrow to a nursing home. I also have my son’s 7th birthday party today to try and fake a smile through because my best friend and the one who helped me to raise him for the first few years can’t be there. I don’t know how much longer she might have, but I am so scared. I really can’t imagine living life without her. Thanks again for such a beautiful post!

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    1. I wish your mother a speedy recovery. God can work wonders. Trust Him on that.
      Also, wish your son a very happy birthday from my side. He is a kid and deserves happiness on his special day. That’s how he will remember you with love later in life.

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      1. Such amazing and true words! Yes, God can do amazing things. I am trusting in that. Also, I agree. He is just a kid and will have a hard enough time with her not being there, so it is up to me to make this a great day for him that I’m hoping he will remember for the rest of his life! Thank you for your words. And I will wish him that Happy Birthday from your side 😊 Thank you so much!

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