Last Chance

What would you do
If someone told you
This was your last chance?

Would you still not think,
Rushing into things
Or would you stop over-thinking?

Would you give it your all
Or would you be careful
Not to mess up your last record?

Would you be the same
Or make every effort
To not make the same mistakes?

If this was your last chance,
Would you treasure this moment?
Would you treasure me?

4 thoughts on “Last Chance

      1. Aww, well Yes, I truly do! And I have just recently started blogging again on this new blog I created a while back because I had to write and get out all of what I’m feeling about what’s going on with my mother. Please check it out if you will and maybe keep an eye out for new posts this week šŸ™‚ I love connecting with others who think and feel the same way I do. It’s so comforting! Have a great day! šŸ˜Š

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