Final Game of Thrones Theory

With the final Game of Thrones episode a few hours away, I present my final related theory. Don’t worry — it’s a happy ending, more or less.

1.   Tyrion’s Betrayal

No matter how much I have loved Tyrion from the beginning, it’s hard to ignore certain things. Especially, when you re-watch the series. I think, Tyrion has been betraying Daenerys ever since he met her. There is a prophesy regarding Daenerys in the books, saying that she will be betrayed thrice. The first two were over a long time back, with the witch betraying her for “blood” and Jorah betraying her for “gold.” The third was Tyrion betraying her for the “love” of his family. Ever since he met her, all his actions, which he later justified as honest mistakes, made people who genuinely loved her move away from her and in some cases, in fatal danger. First, he suggested sending away Jorah. Then, Daario. Then, all the brave men around her including Jon on a doomed mission to catch and bring a white. He literally gave back the cities of Astapor and Mereen into slavery. And he can walk upto his mad sister whenever and however the situation, without being killed.

2.  Sansa and Daenerys’ Team Play

Think of it! Who was it who told Jaime that his beloved Cersei was about to go down? Sansa. He got arrested. Who told Tyrion? Daenerys. Who knows if the brothers were set up? Sansa never passes information just like that. She is Little Finger’s disciple, whose motto was, “Knowledge is power.” How was Dany able to recount the exact chain of people through whom the secret of Jon being a Targaryen passed? Too many coincidences! Also, Sansa is unapologetically disrespectful of Dany in public. If there was one golden rule that she kept close to her heart throughout the series, it was to hide her disgust of the people she didn’t like. Funny thing though that she observes all the courtesies when Dany came to meet her in episode 2. Sansa was the girl who kept the audience confused throughout season 7 about her rapport with her sister, Arya but in the end, killed Little Finger with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns on Tyrion with Dany.

3.   Ringing of the Bell

I think that it was the signal of the last betrayal of Dany. Tyrion had wanted Jaime to escape, give the order to ring the bell of surrender of the city and run away with Cersei to safety as Dany’s troops stood peacefully, unknowingly giving them the time to do so. If everything that I’ve put my finger on till now is correct, then obviously Dany has a reliable network of spies. She has always given Tyrion a chance, in spite of the fact that he has fallen short on every ocassion. Dany had already won the war with Drogon. She had come to sit and rest on a roof with it. Till the bell rang! Had it not, maybe she could still give Tyrion the benefit of doubt. But it did, proving true whatever her spies had told her when they heard him talking to Jaime in his prisoner’s tent. And she went WILD with rage! And she directly made her way to the palace to destroy it, to destroy Cersei wherever she was hiding inside it with her brother, Jaime. Had the bell not rung, she might not have caused the destruction she did. The city was already hers. She won it single-handedly. What happened after the bell, was not for the throne but for revenge. Revenge against the family that killed her family — her children, brother and the closest she had to a sister, Missandei.

4. The End

Tyrion will be brought to trial and killed. Daenerys will sit on the Iron Throne. Because that is what the entire series was headed to, the coming to power of the dragon. But because this is Game of Thrones and here couples usually don’t have a happy ending, I don’t think both Jon and Dany will survive till the end. But who knows, they did break the rule for Samwell and Gilly. They could do it again!

Well, this was all me. The last episode will actually tell what will be and what won’t. One last time — for the throne!!

9 thoughts on “Final Game of Thrones Theory

      1. Yeah I know, everyone is down actually… I hope in the book there will be a different journey for her. I don’t mind the destination tho…

        But rather see her dying to save someone, then going mad…

        Anyway we know it’s not a Disney production and no happy ending, except for the stark fans. 😀

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