How to Say “No”

We all have those moments when someone asks something and even before they finish, we want to say, “No.” But we don’t know how. Or it could just be someone going over and over something every single time we meet and all we want to do is scream from the bottom of our hearts, “Please just stop. Enough.” But we are too polite or love the person too much to say it outright. So we keep rolling with the pain. Again and again and again.

Does it really have to be so? Do we really have to keep up with it? Of course not! If only there was a way to gently let down the other person…

Here it goes — the brutally honest answer. No matter how gently you do it, a “No” will always sound like, well a “No.” There is no going around it. Also, the longer you allow someone to run the show for you, the bigger will be the blow for them when they realize that you don’t actually agree with them. If they don’t care about your feelings, it will only make them angry. If they do, then worse. They will be hurt that you didn’t have enough confidence in them to tell them the truth in the first place.

The sooner you can gather yourself to say, “No,” the better. So the only way to say no is at the earliest. It says everyone a lot of hurt, especially you.

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