Long Dress, Short Dress

Long dress, short dress,
Such a fuss about the length!
So much that one is judged by it,
One is labelled by it.

Wear a short dress
And it’s a “call for attention,”
As interpreted by they who love to gawk
Or they who can’t themselves carry it off.

Wear a long dress
And transcend to “boring lil bird,”
As called by they who
Scale people’s confidence over comfort.

A “bomb” hurts just as much
As a “behenji” or “grandma.”
An unwanted whistle demeans quite equally
Like body shaming.

Long dress, short dress –
It doesn’t really say much
As much is inferred
About the person  wearing it.

Unbelievable as it may seem,
More often than not,
One dresses for oneself.
So give the “long, short” a rest.

2 thoughts on “Long Dress, Short Dress

  1. I smiled remembering how the mini-skirt gave way to the long flowery dresses when we all wanted to become hippies 🙂 Gawping will always occur, but I think of a number of girls from those days who just needed to open their mouths for a minute and you were both laughing and giggling. Who cared what sort of skirt they wore 🙂

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