Yes or No

Why does it always Have to be Either yes or no? Why can't it be Neither, both or Something in between? Why do we have To choose When we had rather not? Why are conclusions So necessary When the mess is the comforter? Why say yes or no And break someone's heart When everything will [...]

Mom – the Touchy Topic

I guess, the reason I immediately start crying knowing about someone's loss of their mother is because I love mine. It's not that we don't fight. We do. All girls fight with their mothers. It's two women, completely out at their worst, keeping no facades. No sweet words to sugar-coat the bitter truths. So it [...]

Arya Stark: No Mistake

Every single step Arya took in her dark journey Brought her closer To her destiny. It was no mistake. Every single heartbreak Arya dragged herself through Made her sensitive To things no one could feel. It was no mistake. Every single blow Arya endured on her body Made her stronger To pursue her path. It [...]