Neither black nor white,
But grey.
That is the colour I am.
That is the colour we all are.

Intentions not evil or saintly,
But grey.
That is how I roll.
That is how we all play.

To put me in a box
Would be a mistake.
To categorise everyone and everything
Is the fault we all make.

Nothing can hurt nor heal
Completely and forever.
Still we carry their impacts
Overlooking the grey.

It’s never simple enough
To pick one and leave another.
It’s always complicated,
As it’s always grey.

5 thoughts on “Grey

  1. Very true and very deep! No one person is just one thing. Everyone has a reason for why they are the way they are based off their own experiences and have reasons for doing what they do. Reasons we can’t see just by looking at the outside appearance of a person

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