If Easy

If it was easy,
Why would we even try?
Why would we even care?
Why would we hang on for dear life?

If it was easy,
What would be the thrill?
What would keep us on our toes?
What would make our heart beat wildly?

If it was easy,
Would it really be worth it?
Would it be memorable?
Would it last?

If it was easy,
How could we be sure?
How could we bet on it?
How could we convince ourselves?

If it was easy,
If that was all,
If there was no more,
Would it be real?

36 thoughts on “If Easy

      1. Don’t get me wrong I still have my struggles and dark times like anyone else! I just always seem to be able to cling onto hope and push through somehow no matter how hard it may be sometimes! πŸ˜„

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      2. God bless you, Cailin! It’s actually a gift that you have. So many people just give up. You, on the other hand, believe in a silver lining. Thank you for inspiring! πŸ€—β˜Ί

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    1. Marie, I stared a good minute or two at your comment, trying to take it all in…
      I just want to say thank you. Thank you for giving me some really sane advice, put out so simply to a stranger. Usually, it’s friends who tell us such things.

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      1. I believe these spaces we create here and the community that we developp give us this kind of relationship.
        Even if we never met, we are walking on the same path. And if we can help each other, that’s great!
        Take care.

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    2. Yes, you are right. Sometimes, things are rather easy. But in the preconception that how could such an easy thing be really good, we let it pass. And then regret…
      Thank you once again, Marie! πŸ€—

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      1. I always share to my social !… When i find something that i like, i click on “share this” to Twitter or Facebook. Because people should know. And sometimes i click on reblog. I will reblog “if easy” for sure. If you check on my twitter -which is easy to find since it is on my widget area- you ‘ll see that i share for good and for sure most of the bloggers. But they don’t act the same way. Which means they miss something.

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      2. Thank you, Mia. Whenever you wanna talk, i’m here. Take care, and enjoy life as much as you can ! You already know this, but i thought it would be nice to remind you.

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  1. I try my best to accept the way situations are (not easy) but alas, my foolish human mind just completely loses it sometimes.πŸ˜…
    A precise and honest piece, Mia!

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