Where’s Your Sparkle?

Beautiful diamonds we all are,
Having the power
To amaze and cheer.
But wait!
How to do it with a sad face?
So tell me, where’s your sparkle?

Strong diamonds we all are,
Unbreakable under pressure,
Inspiring with our struggle.
But wait!
How to do it with a tear?
So tell me, where’s your sparkle?

Priceless diamonds we all are,
Beating every price
They ever put on us.
But wait!
How to do it with a frown?
So tell me, where’s your sparkle?

Clear diamonds we all are,
Becoming a mirror
To show the truth.
But wait!
How to do it with anger?
So tell me, where’s your sparkle?

Precious diamonds we all are,
Irreplaceable to they
Whose lives we light up.
But wait!
How to do it with a scoff?
So tell me, where’s your sparkle?

Forever diamonds we all are,
Standing by the dreams
Of others and our own always.
But wait!
How to do it with without hope?
So tell me, where’s your sparkle?

42 thoughts on “Where’s Your Sparkle?

      1. I lost my comment. I re-write, though. When someone shares your posts, what he’ ll get is what you just saw when you checked my tweet, which is a tweet with your post. It is your site’s icon, since you don’t use featured image, which is not bad. I think it is a line, a strike for your initial letters of your name, a MW symbol.

        I think though you should reconsider a bit your site’s icon, and your gravatar’s picture. I ‘ll sent you more info on this, later on, since you have to go. Enjoy, Mia.

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      2. Mia, all i want to say is to think of how to use a strategy to promote yourself. Take a look at the three tweets of mine with your poetry :

        The first one is an image i created (512×512, suitable for site icon). Then, the way it is written : Your name | Poetry, enter x2, click on (prompt) : your link to your post, enter x2, suitable tags.

        Few verses on the second tweet and a link to my reblogged post of yours ( i didn’t just only reblogged your post, i went to my site in order to edit > categorize > tag > set feature image, and to write on the excerpt field : by Mia Winhertt). With a feature image looks the way you see. Very important : by Mia Winhertt under your articles title.

        The third tweet is how most of your posts will look at the social when someone shares your poetry. The site icon you use will always appear as is. Actually, it will look a bit worse, since nobody writes the way i wrote the tweet. They just hit the sharing button and that’s it. It will look shorter in height, and without any reference, and without tags.

        Ps : i write a guide on the topic, and i can’t write more for the moment, but think of what i just wrote. You may download the first image if you wish to test it as a site icon. If i was you, i would prefer the people at social (when someone shares your posts) to be able to see the whole name, not just initials.

        If I was you, i would have chosen to use the excerpt field to always write : by Mia Winhertt (it’s obvious and self explanatory the reason “why”).

        If i was you, i would have chosen another image for my gravatar. If not an image of thyself, an image with clear reference to the name and poetry.

        I suggest to create a social account. Twitter is great for a start.

        Ps : I wish you won’t get offended. The reason i write a few suggestions to you is because i like you and your poetry. And you deserve NOT to be a struggling author, dear. Do not expect anybody else to write and to make suggestions. They do not have it. I observe and i’m able to tell how they act, or react, or if they know, and what it is that they know. I wish you had a contact page, an email to write a few more things, but i think this isn’t bad for a start. Take care, dear. I will share you, and i will make comments with my tweets, in order for others to see and to understand what the social are for. Have a wonderful day.

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      1. I created more. I just had to pick one. That’s all. And you are very welcome, Mia. You may check a long comment of mine which is a bit higher on your comment field. I wish you all the best, dear.

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    1. Correct me if I am wrong. From what I understand, you think that I should have a better icon & display photo. Maybe, you are right. I see people putting up so many pretty pictures. Maybe, it really will attract more people to my blog.
      If that is what you meant, then I feel so grateful that you are actually looking out for me. ☺
      But I would have to decline.

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      1. I don’t know if you read my last long comment.

        However this is what happens with the wordpress :

        When someone do not use a feature image, then it displays the site icon when you share at social. In the same case, If there is no site icon, it displays a blank or white thing-image.

        If someone uses a picture in the post, without a feature image, then it displays the picture that was included in the post.

        Ps : you don’t have to accept my suggestions, Mia. Just thoughts and suggestions they are. However, at least, rethink your site icon, since it is the first thing which is displayed next to your post, when someone shares it using the social buttons. I would use something like the one i sent you, with your full name, plus poetry or whatever you wanna write on the image that you will use as site icon. And, probably, rethink your excerpt field, to write your full name again with the “by” in front. That’s all. Take care.

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    1. I will give you my reasons for it. I started blogging in the first place because I wanted a space where I could be the real me. Where I could just write…
      Pictures and drawings I get to see a lot. In fact, I design for a living. Not write.
      I know that I could even use a picture with every post. Or better, video. But that is so not me. For me, it’s a lot of work away from work to doll up what I want to display. My post is just about my writing.
      As for the profile photo, it has a story behind it. You can check it out on

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