Love Less

Love less.
For then it would hurt less,
In places you didn’t even know existed.

Love less.
For then you will miss less
Everyone and everything that now make you cry.

Love less.
For then the mess would be less
So you could make a little sense.

Love less.
Can you surely to this say yes?
For is it even possible?

Love less.
Then next comes, live less.
Till finally, you are your shadow.

For to love less
Is an option, who says?
As love alone makes us who we are.

8 thoughts on “Love Less

    1. Thank you, Marie for being a constant source of encouragement! 😀😀
      Real love cannot be restricted to anything. It cannot be put in a bracket (less or more). So if it’s anything like that, like you said, then it’s not love.

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