Sometimes, attraction happens
Through the eyes.
That tiny twinkle
In a sea of green.
That searing spark
In a bed of charcoal.

Sometimes, attraction happens
Through the voice.
That rough undertone
In a baritone.
That velvety texture
In a soft sound.

Sometimes, attraction happens
Through a laugh.
That child-like candour
In a heartfelt expression.
That shy shimmer
In a gaurds-off moment.

Sometimes, attraction happens
Through vulnerability.
That runner-up
In whom we see ourselves.
That damsel
In distress.

Sometimes, attraction happens
Through words.
That what they say to us
In our critical hours.
That what they say for us
In times when we ourselves can’t.

Most times, attraction happens
Through the shape and size.
That what we prefer
In our fantasies.
That what we wish
In our hearts for ourselves.

Yet, some crazy times, attraction happens
Through God knows what!
That which we never saw coming
In even our wildest dreams.
That which is usually
The kind to last.

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