14 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Toxic

  1. Despite our pretenses, the heart always out-hustles the mind, doesn’t it? We may promise ourselves, “Never again,” but when the heart stirs…

    Emotion withers such self-promises. Often (but not always!) much to our later regret. It’s almost inevitable, actually, as we’re not machines.

    The French have a proverb, “An empty stomach has no ears.” The same applies to an empty heart.

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      1. Okay. Well, in there was a very controversial couple of Cersei and Jaime. Everything else aside, what bothered people the most about them was their ending. They both started out as extremely dark characters but along the way, Jamie started to come to his senses. Cersei, on the other hand, went from bad to worse to unimaginably horrible. Jaime even met another wonderful woman, Brienne who inspired him to stand for what was right. Yet, yet, yet, he could never stop loving Cersei. Towards the end, he had a chance at a good life with Brienne. But he chose to go and die with Cersei.
        The audience was outraged. Yes, even I couldn’t stomach so many other things about the end of the series but this… No matter how Cersei and Jaime might have died, I think they would have died together.
        Love is love is love. ❤

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      2. Thank you, Marie.
        I know that I am no one to tell you so. And I’m maybe going a little off track. Still, forgiveness is always worth a try. Or two. Or many. If not anything else, it helps one eventually disconnect that feeling of hurt we cherish inside us. It worked for me. Trust me, it will work for you too. Try to forgive her.

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