Why Merida?

Of course, I don’t look like Disney’s Princess Merida from Brave! Then why is she on my profile photo? I don’t have blue eyes or red hair or go around with a bow and arrows. Then why her?

The first time I saw the movie, it went way over my head. I had kept waiting for the longest time for a hero to appear – even wished that one of the three idiots who showed up to win her hand might magically transform into a wholesome prince. But it was all in vain… The film ended without a hero. I was shocked!! I outright concluded that it was a waste of my time and I hadn’t watched a worse Disney movie.

I ended up watching it again after a few years, as nothing much was on the television and I just wanted something playing in the background as I ate. I had zeroed in on it as I was on a schedule and knew for a fact that this movie would not at all tempt me into staying back and delaying my work after eating. But I was wrong. I ended up watching it till the end. That time, I loved it.

The animated film was just the same. It had not changed. Apparently, it was I who had changed. The girl who did not understand its theme had faded away and in her place sat a woman with a new perspective.

I now know the importance of finding oneself before finding someone else. And if we don’t fight for it, no one else will. I now understand the spirit of Merida. I resonate with it. Hence, the profile photo. Also, we both have curly hair, which at times takes on a life of its own!

16 thoughts on “Why Merida?

  1. Wait, Mia, that isn’t you in the profile photo? All this time, I thought you were a cartoon. If you tell me now you’re a real person, the news would devastate.

    Actually, you’ve chosen creative ways, both in your writing and in your icon, to express the truth. A cipher is forgettable, of no consequence. Only when we spruce up the house and put in a couple trees do we attract attention. Give the house and yard some whimsy, some flair, and some of those passers-by will stop and chat.

    Before you know it, you’ve got the best, most buzz-worthy, house in the neighborhood.

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    1. And Marie is back! 🤗 Wouldn’t say that I didn’t miss your presence on my blog. Hope everything is well.
      I’m so glad that after reading my post, you want to watch “Brave.” It’s a lovely movie. Worth at least a watch! 😀

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