Stand Up For Yourself

Your knees may be wobbling,
For you may have been beaten down,
From fear, disrespect or hate.
Still, I say,
Stand up for yourself.

The walls of your world
May have collapsed all around you.
The walls you spent your life on.
Still, I dare say,
Stand up for yourself.

You might seem all alone
In this and almost everything else.
You might feel inadequate.
Still, I urge you,
Stand up for yourself.

It might seem easier
To completely lie down,
To call it all done.
Still, I plead,
Stand up for yourself.

It might take a while.
But trust me,
It will be worthwhile.
So starting this time,
Stand up for yourself.

For if you won’t,
Who else will for you?
Who will believe in you?
So baby, listen to me,
Stand up for yourself.

16 thoughts on “Stand Up For Yourself

  1. Really gets the point across, doesn’t it, Mia? Affirmation, engagingly presented. Nice job.

    Too often, we’re trapped in the present. In our minds, it’s always “right now.” The only relief, it seems, is to dwell on the past.

    What vehicles like you poem do, though, is to remind us there’s a third option. The future glistens, with all its possibility, all its potential for improvement.. We can do nothing about the past, and the present may (or may not) be adequate, but we still are making the future, dreaming its shape and purpose. .

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