20 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: End of Summer

    1. Oh my God! Jay-lyn, this is for you. πŸ€—
      There is no bigger compliment for any writer than that which flows out of the reader’s eyes. Thank you so much for all those kind words. ☺


    1. Well, you almost broke my heart with those words… ☹
      I loved Dany’s character – the way she was and the way she grew. Even if they had to show that she went mad by the end, there was just no need to kill her off. Especially like that!


    2. Firstly, sorry. I was replying to comments of different posts and I ended up replying to yours in a totally different context.
      Secondly, I love your take on the topic! Wonderfully said. Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. Yeah that almost got me in a fix. It’s fine now. Loved the way you brought it up.
        The previous one has a touch of β€œGame of Thrones”, I guess.
        And I couldn’t agree more with you for how stupid it was to watch the finale..

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