Destined to Lose

What if we are destined to lose?
The angels stare down in dismay
Like we watch a doomed movie again.

What if the rain will never stop?
The rainbow that we await
Might never make an appearance.

What if there will be no happy ending?
Just small victories
Which end in the big war being lost.

What if what is lost is lost forever?
No amount of wishing or work
Could bring it back.

What if we are that beloved character
Whose pain we feel?
What if we are destined to lose?

Still, ever still, I’d rather be true to myself,
And be that Daenerys or Achilles,
Whose story mattered, even if they lost.

29 thoughts on “Destined to Lose

  1. Pessimism is all too alluring, Mia, seducing all of us. How often have I grumbled about being “born under a bad star?”

    Yet, consider – of all the places and times at which we could’ve come into this world, we got the present day, and the developed world. What are the odds of that?

    There’s that, and there are your last few lines to consider. Your efforts and your struggle sometimes are more important than are the immediate results. Besides, those too eventually will appear. Fortunately, our minds envision more than just “right now.” Part of the benfits of humanity.

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    1. Now that you’ve pointed it, the last few lines of the poem were not originally supposed to be a part of it. I had written the rest of it with a certain frame of mind. Later, when I came back to review it, I thought, ” What the heck,” and went on to add the last lines! 😅

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      1. How fortunate, Mia, as those last few lines refined the poem and affirmed your idealism.

        Too often, I fear I dismiss struggles too easily. The truth is, we all suffer misfortune, and some more so than do others. For too many, the difficulties never are resolved.

        In such cases, the drear looms beyond reason. It’s precisely at such moments, though, it’s tonic to remember we’re never alone, and that identifying the problem contains within it resolution.

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      1. Very true! That is the real beauty of it. We start out wanting to put out our thoughts but along the way, gain so much from others.
        My favourite part about blogging is replying to the comments. 😁

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    1. “Hypnotic!” Wow, thank you for being so kind! 😀😀
      Yes, the last few lines were originally not supposed to be there but finally made an appearance. 😅
      About Dany… It just hasn’t quite sunk in. She’ll be my queen always, though. 👸

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    1. Thank you so much, Alan for this beautiful comment. It helped me to solve a dilemma. 😀
      You are right. Forgetting who you are is the worst loss ever.
      Just like they roar in ‘Lion King,’ “Remember who you are!”

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