18 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Imperfect Glove

  1. The beautiful matching, this dedication, become their own “perfection,” don’t they? Actual perfection is s much better than are the initial images of the same. Somehow, I think you’ve worked a lesson into your words, Mia.

    Your “Terribly Tiny Tales” are wonderfully evocative of a favorite volume in my library, “100 Words or Less.” Same thrill at the exquisite artistry, crafting each word with skill, except this time, I actually “know” the author!

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    1. Indeed, it is a lesson! Nothing is perfect. No one is. We make our own perfect. We work through it. There is nothing more perfect than two people wanting to be there for each other. It doesn’t matter how much they know or can do. Just wanting the very best for someone and not letting them go is enough. Everything else will fall into place. ❤

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      1. That, it will.

        We’re dreamers, meaning we always yearn for perfection. Wonderful, as it keeps this whole “Civilization” thing going.

        We also have Reason, though, which reminds us to seize what’s good before it’s too late for anything but regrets.

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