I Don’t Know You Anymore

I don’t know you anymore
Like I used to before,
Like I thought I always would,
Like I wish I could.

I don’t know you anymore
Or the feelings of your inner core,
Or the fake laugh you force out,
Or the words you shout.

I don’t know you anymore
Inspite of that old dress you wore,
Inspite of the memories we share,
Inspite that we still mutually care.

I don’t know you anymore
Or the strong defensive door
That sits between us,
Not making us quite “us.”

I don’t know you anymore
Much like grandma’s folklore.
Much time has gone by,
Much to my heartache why.

I don’t know you anymore
No matter how many tears I pour.
No one can fate bend.
No longer will you be my friend.

24 thoughts on “I Don’t Know You Anymore

  1. Oh yes, Mia, people change, and not always for the better.

    Of course, it’s also is useful to contemplate how much you yourself have changed since you first made the acquaintance. Sometimes, people do grow apart. Or together.

    It’s important to remember change doesn’t always scuttle a relationship; sometimes it strengthens it. Change is inevitable, and it brings great potential for mischief, or good. Can our personalities keep up?

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    1. People do change owing to the circumstances they face. They will be different for different people. So after quite a while when two people meet, it is sometimes no less than a shock. πŸ˜… For the mind had still held on to the other person’s previous image, owing to memories. You are right, this could be for better or worse. If for better, we hold on. If worse, we let go….

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  2. It’s kind of sad.
    But that does happen from time to time
    We are a team one day. And then it changed and we can do nothing about this. Sometimes friendship gets stronger. Sometimes we ought to let go.
    Nicely penned as always Mia.

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      1. I was one of the first ones who spoke out against him, and thus I got smeared, blamed, harassed, stalked… I took many of my posts down due to this. But, I had posts up as far as two years back about what he was doing.. I was hoping to capture the attention of other victims. Instead I got shunned, and smeared.

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      2. Oh, I’m sorry. This particular comment was for Serene’s Post! I wrote it in the wrong place.

        My comment to you was that: I knew I wasn’t all alone β™₯️

        Sorry for mixup. I’m in pain, today.

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    1. πŸ€—
      Thanks Eliza for the heart-warming wish!
      The thing is that I do know few really wonderful people who have set the bar so high that it makes filtering out the fake ones or the changed ones somewhat easy. When one knows what one is worth, one doesn’t have to settle for less. πŸ˜„
      Wish that you are also surrounded by lovely people!

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  3. Friendships change or diminish because people change in ways that they or no one else could imagine. Fine set of couplets, and I’m always delighted to see rhyme. Hopefully, rhyme is coming back (assuming it ever really was away).

    Thank you for liking my posts!!

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