Don’t Be Afraid

Hey, you! Yes, you!
Don’t you be afraid
Just because you are a woman.
For in more ways than you imagine,
You don’t just have powers,
You have super-powers!

Don’t let the men tell you
What and how to do.
Don’t let other women demonstrate
What and how you should be.
For you have the freedom
To be unique, to be yourself.

Don’t let white put you to shame
To question your purity.
Don’t let black make you step back
To question your brutal strength.
For you are grey, just like everyone else,
Allowed to sway in all its shades.

Don’t shut up
When you want to speak.
Don’t shout to please
When you know it’s not worth it.
For your voice matters
And only you must control it.

Don’t give up
When you know you deserve something.
Don’t push yourself
When you know you might just die.
For how far you must go
Depends solely on you.

Hey, you! Yes, you woman!
Don’t fool yourself
Like others have been trying to fool you,
Urging you to play the damsel in distress,
When you can very well save yourself!
So don’t be afraid!!

29 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid

  1. Fantastic credo, Mia, not just for you, but for everyone reading.

    How can we expect others to believe in us if we don’t do so ourselves?

    “For your voice matters
    And only you must control it.”

    Beautiful, Mia. Among the gems your poem strews, this outshines them all. If you seek the takeaway lesson, search no more. You just read it!

    Liked by 2 people

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