11 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Ponytail

  1. Irritating, maybe, but on his mind nonetheless. Then, when her hair uncoiled, so too did his affection. Hopelessly smitten.

    Wonderful tableaux you paint, Mia, with a subtlety that brightens to the most piercing vividness upon examination. Give it a moment…

    Your “terribly tiny” tales may contain but a few lines, yet they always inspire volumes of discussion (not to mention the warm thrill of a special discovery, just for you). Brava!

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    1. Yes, this one is about that first crush a boy has. The thing is he doesn’t even know he likes the girl so just ends up getting on her nerves more! 😅 Correct me if I am wrong for it is a girl’s perspective.

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      1. I would, but you’re not wrong, Mia.

        We start at such a distance from one another, both in terms of understanding and of temperaments, yet we draw closer, irresistibly. Naturally, that dissonance is Nervousness’s playground. To wit, from a male perspective, girls often tease ceaselessly the boys they “like.”

        Adulthood narrows the gap, but does it ever disappear? At times, women are as baffling as girls were in childhood. The journey, the years, supply us clues, but it’s a wonder the species didn’t fizzle out millennia ago. Yet somehow, generation after generation finds a way.

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      2. Beautiful take on the whole thing! Opposites attract, right? 😅
        In the beginning, they don’t know how to express it. But eventually, they learn that it is as simple as being as nice and supporting as possible. That keeps them together. ☺

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