When Time Stops

Have you ever felt
Time stopping?
Tick-tock, tick-tock,
Then suddenly nothing?

Have you ever lost track
Of everyone and everything
That goes around
Or comes at you?

Have you ever wondered
If you were still living
In that moment
You had no control over yourself?

Have you ever seen someone,
Some special one,
Who made your heart skip a beat,
Making time stop?

It doesn’t happen often.
It’s usually rare to find.
But if you are lucky with someone,
It could happen with them again.

That moment when time stops,
All stops,
You might forget yourself
But remember the other like that forever.

Love doesn’t ring bells.
Love doesn’t make loud sounds.
Love just nulls out all other noise.
Love makes time stop.

25 thoughts on “When Time Stops

  1. “Time knows no logic when I’m with you.”

    Indeed, a twinkle of the eye endures forever, while decades fly by in the merest moment.

    Look at my grandparents. Married for over sixty years, yet he still serenaded her with songs that made her heart leap when they first met. They’re both gone now, yet I know they’re out there somewhere, still charming each other.

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