18 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: In the Mirror

  1. I like the story and appreciate the message. On the flipside, I keep imagining going to a mirror for answers and it being a sassy version of a Magic 8 Ball. My mind goes to odd places.

    Again, good story; forgive my juvenile interpretation.

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  2. Ah, Mia, you make a crucial distinction. That is, it’s necessary not just to look in the mirror, but to wipe away the haze and grime that we’ve allowed to accumulate.

    Without the “Windex” you recommend, the looking-glass in nothing more than a circus mirror, returning the distortions we’ve crafted.

    Certainly, the image won’t focus unless we want it to, though an outsider’s “elbow grease” often is invaluable too, as we often don’t see all the smudges ourselves.

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