19 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Hurt

  1. It does catch up with us soon enough, doesn’t it, Mia?

    If we fill our lives with anger and turn everything into an inter-personal struggle which we must win. it leaves little room for anything else. Thus, even when our corrosion breaks down the opponent, what kind of “victory” is that? How can we celebrate it when we’re utterly alone? Who would seek our company? Why bother?

    Nope, as your Tiny Tale suggests (by inference), Mia, better to build on your strengths and to flaunt them. Attract friends, family, and…others. Thus, your adversaries’ actions will become increasingly irrelevant. Doesn’t that triumph impart the warmest glow, not grinding revenge, but rather…shrug the shoulders – “whatever” – “anyway, what’s happening tomorrow?…”

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