Not the Same

It’s raining,
Like it always does,
Like it always will.
But it’s just not the same.

The drops are hitting the ground,
With a funny flop,
With a loud thud.
But it doesn’t sound the same.

The sky is dancing
Displaying the light,
Displaying the dark.
But it doesn’t look the same.

The wind is rushing
Past everything it sees,
Past or through me.
But it doesn’t feel the same.

Nature has put on a show,
Giving its very best,
Giving as if there’s no tomorrow.
But somehow it is not the same.

Something is amiss,
Not outside but within.
It’s you who are missing.
So how can it be the same?


The “you” in the poem can be anything — a person, a thing or a passion. Exactly what it is for you, only YOU can tell.

16 thoughts on “Not the Same

    1. Thanks a bunch, Marie for your encouragement! πŸ™‚

      Many small things come together to make complete our perception of the world. That is why we get taken aback when one important part goes away. Yet, we move forward…


  1. Exquisite taste, Mia, of what so many of us have felt, wordlessly. You’ve given it form and expression, and in so doing, you’ve allowed our memories a voice.

    How can a cherished soul’s absence not color our own perceptions? Indeed, we’ve given so much of ourselves to the other, when he/she leaves, part of us is missing too, especially at first. By the way, this applies not just to breakups, but to all separations, including the mortal.

    Time fills the void, in part, with old memories, new experiences and anticipations. Eventually, the emptiness fills, often with triumph, but it also changes us forever. That’s the departed one’s final gift, a new perspective, ultimately cultivating our new-and-improved selves. The part of ourselves that the retreating person seems to have taken, gradually is returned to us, richer and fuller.

    Give it time, Grasshopper…

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my work, Keith! 😊

      I absolutely love the part where you talk of “the departed one’s final gift.” So very true!! Yes, we change after something important around us changes. But when we come to terms with the change, we realize it has only made us stronger. It, like everything else, was for our good. πŸ™‚

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