Valentine’s Special: Amy and Sheldon

Sheldon, when I was a little girl, I used to dream about my wedding. But eventually, I stopped because I thought that day would never come. And then, I met you.

— Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory (American TV show)

Two misfits,
Two part – robots,
Two narcissists
Found each other.

From their own small wells,
From their dreamlands,
Finally saw the real world,
Through each other.

What no one thought,
What no one guessed,
What no one aided,
Became a real couple.

His touch-me-not status,
Her doll-me-not status,
Their intrinsic crazy bits,
Faded away with each other.

They were not each other’s dream.
In fact, they hardly dreamt of love.
Yet, they became the life
Of each other.

Amy… I usually know exactly what to say, but in this moment, I have no words… I guess, I’m overwhelmed by you… Even if I can’t tell you now how I feel, I will spend my life showing you how much I love you.

— Sheldon Lee Cooper in The Big Bang Theory (American TV show)


34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Special: Amy and Sheldon

  1. Fantastic poem. It was the most unlikely and interesting of the Big Bang romances. Your poem reminds me of Jane Eyre’s famous declaration to Rochester: I am not a robot. Of course, these days we have to make that assertion quite frequently – to a robot! The last bit is a quote from the hilarious John Mulaney.

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    1. Thanks a ton for your support, Imorgana! 🙂

      Shamy was definitely “interesting!” Sheldon actually met his match in Amy. He did meet a few like him before, but that lassy just clicked! ❤

      In between, I completely agree about the robot quips!

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      1. Amy was a very real person. I also find it interesting that Mayim Bialik actually is a scientist with a PhD in Neuroscience. It adds an extra dimension to her character. I have heard her say that she was the only one who actually understood the science stuff. But the others were very convincing!

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      2. All correct facts!
        And that’s what good acting is all about. Convincing others to be someone you might not be. 🙃 If you look up Mayim’s real life, you will realize that other than the science part, everything else was pretty different for her. Also, I hope you know that Jim is gay. 🙂

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  2. When I glanced at the title, Mia, “Amy and Sheldon” inspired instant recognition, and a tingly hope, but I soon dismissed it.. “There’s no way she could be referring to BBT,” I thought.

    Imagine my delight to read the entry! Am I dreaming?

    No dream. This wonderful confection is just Mia being…Mia! Shame on me for expecting anything less form you, my friend. You’ve taken the magic of a doubly-improbable romance, and given it your own sparkle. The Romeo and Juliet of our generation, except with a much happier outcome. Elevated to immortality by your poetry, Mia!

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      1. Are such an iconic couple, actually, now that they’re part of our collective storytelling!

        Plus, Lord only knows how long the romance will develop and flower in syndication. “Back in my day, we knew what love was! See what I mean?”

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      2. Don’t worry. In my imagination, this sort of couple is meant to be forever. Sheldon met his match, finally! If you ever watch Young Sheldon, you will realize that (like all of us), he could have found that person in someone else but that’s not how it turned out. All is for the best! 😊

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