Valentine’s Special: You and Yours

Many lovely couples
On and off screen,
But you won’t feel for any
As you do for yourself.

The most important couple
For you will always be
The one you form with someone,
That of you and yours.

Cherish it.
Treasure it.
Be grateful.
For once, wasn’t it all you wanted?

Yes, you deserve them,
Which is why they chose you.
So don’t feel any less
Because they don’t think you should.

Many can still only dream.
So count your blessings.
For you have someone
To call yours.

This Valentine’s,
Celebrate your love.
Every single day,
Live your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to both you and yours! 😊❤😊

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Special: You and Yours

  1. Wise observations, Mia! Though the couple inhabiting the screen or the pages may be perfect, as they’re contrived to be, they can’t offer anything that matches what animates our own hearts.

    If we’re unpaired, the “ideal” duo only deepens our own longing, as it reminds us what we’re missing. Their “everything” contrasts so achingly with our “nothing.” The gulf between imagination and reality is far vaster in the heart than it is elsewhere.

    However, if someone has chosen us, that decision is more thrilling and visceral than is anything an author or a screenwriter can imagine. What we see or read may delight the eyes, but the one who sought us has dibs on everything else. Actually, the eyes too. 100% – a perfect triumph!

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