18 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Ready for Hell

  1. It’s determination, Mia, and the discipline, the vision, to see beyond the present moment.

    This heroine has them all, and they’ll help shield the impending onslaught.

    It’s a path many begin, but most abandon early. Much simpler, it seems, to stay in place, and to forego the risks (and the rewards too, don’t forget).

    It recalls advice I read once – “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

    As usual, your Tiny Tale sums up in fewer than 25 words what took me all of the above to say!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind response and appreciation, Keith! 🙂

      Determination, discipline, vision. I will try to remember these three. I always learn something from your comments, which is why I look forward to them. 🤗

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