In this moment,
For just a moment,

The rush is a wave
That will carry us
Wherever it wants.

The urgency is a tyrant
Who will have his way
Whenever he wants.

The heart is a thief
Who has never learnt
To hear or heed.

Still, in this moment,
If for just a moment,

To move might be
The only option
We choose to see.

To run in the race might be
The only advice
We ever got.

To keep going might be
The only way
To hurt less.

Yet, in this moment,
If only for just a moment,

It is not
As difficult
As it is made out to be.

It is not
As much a deal-breaker
As we might guess.

It is not
A sign of weakness.
It needs strength.

So, in this moment,
Maybe, for just a moment,
Just stop.

24 thoughts on “Stop

  1. Indeed, Mia, stopping does require strength at first, as it resists the frenetic pace we’ve told ourselves we must maintain. We insist on speeding headlong into the typhoon.

    Yet, how many good and even monumentally great experience do we glide over in the process?

    Yes, the typhoon waits for us, if we still seek it. Exciting, very possibly, but why not spend a moment (or two) first to take on supplies, to snuggle in an emotional blanket before chasing the hurricane?

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