Today’s Tiny Tale: Writing in Times of Corona

When disaster strikes, only essential services continue.

Shouldn’t the art of writing also go into lockdown?

But then, isn’t motivating to live essential?


Fellow bloggers, keep motivating and stay safe.

42 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Tale: Writing in Times of Corona

  1. Our state, in common with many others, has shuttered all but “life-sustaining” enterprises.

    Fortunately for your audience, Mia, there’s no danger to us, as what you provide here is supremely vital.

    Within these pages, you activate hope and encourage happiness. Your thoughts spark consideration, and pursuit, of what it means to thrive.

    Even in the strictest sense, you’re vaccinating all of us, Mia. as the virus really has a tough time infecting those who are cheerful and engaged. The self-defeated were much easier targets.

    No, Mia, your doors stay open.. Not only until we move beyond this thing (which we will), but indefinitely, okay?

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    1. Where do you get such kind words from, Keith? 🙂
      Your kindness overwhelms me, every single time. Thank you so much for this. Especially in a time when the world needs everyone to be kind to each other.

      Even my city has been locked down. It’s a strange feeling. But I along with my loved ones accept it wholeheartedly as it is for our safety. Hope you and yours are doing well too.

      Yes Keith, my doors will remain open to the world, from where I will send out words. If they can be any good to anyone, let it be so. Thank you for encouraging me.

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      1. Where? Here, obviously. You radiate, the warmth makes it to the mirror, and ounces right back to you.

        Likewise, Mia, best wishes to you and your closest, too.

        Thanks, also, for providing the newly-housebound something to do considerably more stimulating than merely watching TV.

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      2. Again, thank you for being so sweet. You reminded me of the quote I read somewhere that the care we receive from others is a reflection of our own character. 🙂

        Thank you for your wishes.

        My pleasure, as always.

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